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Cooperation Initiative on Promoting Trade Connectivity of “Belt and Road” Issued, China to Hold China International Import Expo from 2018

Xinhua News Agency, May 14th. The cooperation Initiative on Promoting Trade Connectivity of “Belt and Road” was issued on May 14th, which is one of the important achievements of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. According to the initiative, China will begin to hold China International Import Expo from 2018.

The journalist learned of this at the Thematic Session on Trade Connectivity held on May 14th. The participating parties all regarded it necessary to promote “Belt and Road” trade connectivity cooperation, which is to realize a more active, more inclusive and more sustainable economic globalization. They also emphasized that special attentions should be given to the least developed countries.

In terms of promoting trade growth, the initiative pointed out that, China will begin to hold China International Import Expo from 2018, building an international platform not only for foreign products to enter China, but also for the countries to conduct trade and for promoting global trade growth. China is willing to, together with interested countries and regions, negotiate and build free trade zones, and strengthen cooperation on trade facilitation infrastructure with countries along the “Belt and Road” line, and support the countries alongside to strengthen capability construction of economic and trade and investment talents. It is expected that, in the future 5 years, China will import products valued at US$ 2 trillion from countries and regions alongside.

In terms of boosting bilateral investment, the participating parties will strengthen investment and cooperation with each other, drive trade through investment and strengthen regional value chain investment. In the future 5 years, China’s investment to the countries and regions alongside is expected to reach US$ 150 billion.

In terms of promoting inclusiveness and sustainable development, the participating parties will jointly fulfill the commitments of promoting UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. China is willing to provide 10 thousand places to the countries and regions alongside to take part in research and studies and trainings in China, so as to help the related countries strengthen the cultivation of trade and investment talents. China is also willing to support the related UN organizations and the WTO to make special trade and investment cooperation plans for the countries alongside, so as to promote the realization of inclusiveness and sustainable development.

The related parties spoke highly of the initiative. The WTO Secretary-General Roberto Azevedo said holding import expo is an important measure for China to promote economic globalization and support multilateral trading system, and he is willing to take part in the first China International Import Expo next year.

Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan said more and more countries are expected to take part in and support the cooperation initiative for “Belt and Road” trade connectivity. This will surely contribute to promoting economic globalization and promoting global trade growth, and also contribute to China’s opening up and promoting trade coordination and sustainable development.

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