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The 11th BRICS Trade Ministers Meeting achieved positive outcomes

On the evening of September 3, the 11th BRICS Trade Ministers Meeting was held via video conference. Wang Wentao, Minister of Commerce, attended and addressed the meeting. Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister and Deputy China International Trade Representative, also attended the meeting. The meeting approved a joint communique, and reached outcome documents such as the Statement for BRICS Cooperation on the Multilateral Trading System, BRICS Framework for Ensuring Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, BRICS declaration on Cooperation for Protection of Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions under the BRICS IPR Cooperation, BRICS Framework for Cooperation in Trade in Professional Services, and BRICS Implementation Roadmap on Trade & Investment related aspects of the “Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership 2025”. The meeting prepared economic and trade outcomes for the 13th BRICS Summit.

Ministers agreed that they should jointly cope with the COVID-19 challenge, expand international cooperation on the production of anti-epidemic materials and technologies, and enhance the accessibility of global medical products and technologies; they should jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system, oppose unilateralism and protectionism, actively support the WTO reform, promptly resolve the impasse over the appointment of new members to the Appellate Body and restore the two-level adjudication process for dispute settlement; they should jointly deepen practical cooperation in the fields of e-commerce, trade in services, intellectual property, digital and green economy, and support the implementation of the “Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership 2025”.

Wang Wentao said that, amid the challenging situation of the fluctuating COVID-19 epidemic and the fragile world economic recovery, BRICS members should strengthen unity and cooperation to jointly promote economic recovery: First, strengthen international anti-epidemic cooperation, actively coordinate response measures, strengthen international joint prevention and control, and encourage relevant enterprises to carry out technology transfer and production capacity cooperation, so as to enhance the synergy against COVID-19. Second, firmly safeguard the multilateral trading system, actively participate in the WTO reform, promptly resolve the impasse over the appointment of new members to the Appellate Body, promote MC12 for positive outcomes, and safeguard the authority and efficacy of the WTO. Third, expand cooperation opportunities in emerging areas such as digital and green economy, actively carry out practical cooperation such as sharing best practices and jointly launching demonstration and pilot projects, proactively participate in the formulation of international economic and trade rules, and jointly explore new space for cooperation. In 2022, China will assume the BRICS presidency. Focusing on the theme of strengthening anti-epidemic cooperation and promoting economic recovery, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to organize meetings of trade ministers and trade liaison groups to revitalize multilateral cooperation and promote common development of the five countries.

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