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After the signing of RCEP, the EU-China Chamber of Commerce recently expressed its expectation that China and Europe will sign the investment treaty as soon as possible, and put the negotiations of the EU-China FTA on the bilateral agenda as soon as possible. What’s MOFCOM’s response? What is the recent progress of the China-EU investment agreement negotiations?(2020-11-19)

I have already introduced the progress of the negotiations on the China-EU investment agreement. Both China and the EU are major economies in the world, and are important trading partners of each other. The negotiation of a free trade agreement is helpful to further deepen the bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe. It is of great significance for promoting the liberalization and facilitation of global trade and investment and the sustainable development of the world economy against the background of increasing downward pressure on the world economy. China is willing to maintain communication with the European side and strive to set in motion relevant negotiations at an early date on the basis of the conclusion of the bilateral investment treaty. Thank you!