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We see that Vice Premier Liu He recently had video calls with United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen respectively. How does China evaluate the results of these two calls? Does this mean that China-US economic and trade exchanges have restarted? What are the follow-up arrangements?(2021-06-03)

In the past week, Vice Premier Liu He had video calls with Ambassador Katherine Tai and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen respectively, both for about 50 minutes. The two calls have several features: First, the communication between the two sides started smoothly. During the two calls, the two sides exchanged views on China-US economic relations and trade, macroeconomic landscape, domestic policies and other issues on an equal footing and with mutual respect. Both sides believe that the exchanges are professional, candid and constructive, and China and the United States have started normal communications in the fields of economy and trade. Second, seeking common ground while reserving differences is a consensus. Both sides believe that China-US economic relations and trade are very important, and there are many specific areas for cooperation. Both sides also raised their own concerns. China has taken the background and state of domestic economic development into full consideration and expressed our specific concerns. Third, starting with practical solutions to problems. The two sides agreed that in the next step, it is necessary to make joint efforts from the perspective of benefiting China and the United States and the whole world, pragmatically solve some specific issues for producers and consumers, and promote the healthy and stable development of China-US economic and trade relations. Thank you.