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In 2020, China signed RCEP and concluded negotiations of the Investment Agreement with EU. Are there any plans to expand free trade agreement in the future?(2021-01-21)

To connect domestic and international markets and resources and foster a new development paradigm at a faster pace, we need to expand free trade agreements both in number and in quality.

On the one hand, we will further expand the free trade network. We are interested in negotiating and signing more free trade agreements with our trading partners to jointly promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. For example, we will accelerate the negotiations of China-Japan-ROK FTA, and push forward FTA process with the GCC, Israel, and Norway. We will also favorably consider joining the CPTPP.

On the other hand, we will bring FTAs to a higher level. We will explore free trade rules that are both internationally acceptable and fitting for our own reform and development agenda. We will open up further at a higher level. For example, in terms of trade in goods, we will grant zero-tariff to a larger percentage of goods; in terms of service and investment, we will further ease market access for service trade and investment; we will also take an active part in the negotiations of new topics such as digital economy and environmental protection.

In addition, we will do a better job at promoting, publicizing and providing training on the FTAs we have signed up to, so as to help the business community better understand and make good use of the FTAs and benefit people around the world. Thank you.