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Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has newly identified 105 national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases. What progress has been made in the development of foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases? What measures will the Ministry of Commerce take in the next step to further promote the development of such bases?(2021-07-08)

Up till now, there are 578 national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases in China, covering eight major industries: mechanical and electrical products, agricultural products, light industrial products, arts and crafts, textile and clothing, medicine, new materials, specialized chemicals and hardware and building materials. As an important platform for the integration of industry and trade, the foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases have become important vessels for high-quality trade development in China, and have played an active role in promoting the innovative development of foreign trade, and stabilizing and optimizing industrial chains and supply chains.

In recent years, with the joint effort of relevant departments, localities and industries, the development of foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases has made much progress. First, the industrial cluster effect is enhanced and the special advantages are clear. Relying on industrial advantages and development potential, with backbone enterprises as the core, the bases continue to extend industrial chains, and the cluster effect continues to strengthen. Second, industrial transformation and upgrading have been accelerated, and digital capabilities have been significantly improved. The bases attach great importance to building independent innovation capacity, improve the environment of innovation, strengthen digital capacity building, and promote the transformation to innovation-driven development. Third, brand quality has continued to be improved and influence enhanced. The brand awareness of bases is increasing day by day. The bases emphasized the leading effect of major corporate brands and the clustering effect of regional brands, while efforts are made to develop self-owned brands and improve product quality. Fourth, the public service system has been enhanced day by day, and the business environment keeps improving. The bases are actively innovating their working approaches, improving various public service platforms, and continuously improving their services in infrastructure and logistics support.

In the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to develop such bases, improve the exchange mechanism, publicize and roll out more experience, help the bases become more digitized, improve the development of the public service system, work to help the bases share public service platforms for R&D, design, testing and information, accelerate the innovation of technical products and business models, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of the bases, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote high-quality trade growth. Thank you.