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New forms of service trade, with rapid growth and high value-added, have boomed in recent years. Could you give us some examples from the service trade innovation pilot programs? When will the new list of innovation pilots be published? (2020-7-30)

In 2016, the State Council approved Shanghai and Hainan, among 15 places to be pilots of service trade innovation. In June 2018, the State Council approved the move to deepen the pilot programs and expand them to 17 places, including Beijing and Xiong’an. The pilot regions have explored and experimented with measures to reform the regulatory regime, enhance promotional mechanism, and create new development models. As a result, a number of new forms and new models have been fostered, and best practices that can be replicated and disseminated have been developed. We have published in three batches altogether 74 experience and best practices, among which examples of new business models abound. Examples in the first batch of experience include using big data to drive digitalization of service trade, integration of internet and service trade in Traditional Chinese Medicines, Belt and Road language service platform; the first batch of best practices include gig makers sharing, third-party medical exam and testing lab sharing, online exhibition and trade ; the second batch of best practices include new forms of business in cruise ship development, innovative online digital exhibition, accelerated smart city construction, etc.
The service trade innovation pilots have driven high-quality development of service trade across the nation. In 2019, the pilot regions accounted for 75% of service import and export of China, growing faster than the national average. Thanks to these pilots, total service import and export jumped from USD 654.2 billion in 2015 to USD 785 billion in 2019, up by 4.7% annually. In breakdown, service export grew by 6.7% annually, higher than the global average and goods export in China. Deficit in service trade has declined notably. In 2019, service export outpaced import by nine percentage points, cutting deficit by USD 35.8 billion from 2018, or 14.1%.

The State Council executive meeting yesterday studied work related to the new round of service trade innovation pilots, delivered and approved in principle the overall plan to deepen the pilot scheme. We are advancing the new round of pilot programs as planned, and will release the new list of pilots soon. Thank you.