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Recently, statistics of trade in services from January to April were released, and the office for the State Council inter-ministerial meeting for the development of trade in services circulated 16 “best practices” from the pilot projects for deepening innovation-driven development of trade in services in all respects. What’s the progress of these pilot projects so far? What are the plans in the next step?(2021-06-03)

Last August, the State Council decided to launch pilot projects for deepening innovation-driven development of trade in services in all respects in 28 localities for three years. So far, 122 pilot measures have been underway in an orderly fashion with positive progress. Taking the initiative, the pilot areas have generated many highly innovative experience and practices that are suitable to be shared nationwide.

On opening up wider, Xixian New Area of Shannxi Province and and Chongqing have explored new paths of institutional opening-up in such areas as the fifth freedom of the air and legal cooperation in the pursuit of openness and development of international transportation and legal services. On improving facilitation, cities such as Xi’an, Hangzhou and Hefei have integrated resources to promote the cross-border movement of technology, data and personnel, in a bid to step up development of a liberalized and facilitative business environment for services trade. On innovating development patterns, Weihai, Changchun, Harbin have pushed for the boom of new business models and patterns of services trade by extending the industrial chains of international ship maintenance and repair and car services, and improving the system to promote traditional Chinese medicine. On improving the promotion mechanism, Shanghai, Xi’an and Nanjing have built global-oriented public service platforms of services trade in the areas of finance and IP to provide multilevel and one-stop public services for businesses. On optimizing supportive policies, Suzhou and Wuhan have introduced securitization of bio-pharmaceutical intellectual properties and credit enhancement for micro, small and medium-sized companies, in a view to improving the policy system adapted to the features of services trade.

Moving forward, MOFCOM will work with relevant departments to step up guidance for pilot regions, move faster to replicate and promote institutional outcomes elsewhere, leverage the exemplary and leading role of the pilot regions, keep delivering institutional benefits, and work towards the high quality development of services trade, Thank you.