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Seven authorities including MOFCOM and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine have published a circular on measures to support high-quality development of national traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) export bases. What’s the background of these measures? What are the highlights?(2021-05-13)

TCM is a treasure of the Chinese nation. In the fight against Covid-19, TCM has played a unique and crucial role. In 2019, MOFCOM and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine certified 17 national TCM export bases, including China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Guang’anmen Hospital. After nearly two years, the bases are now important platforms to grow TCM services trade and bring TCM to the rest of the world.

Following the instructions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, seven authorities including MOFCOM and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine have published the Circular on Measures to Support High-Quality Development of National TCM Export Bases, in a bid to help TCM go global and benefit more people. The Circular puts forward 18 policy measures in five aspects, namely the following:

First, institutions and mechanisms to boost the vitality of the bases. Qualified bases which are public institutions are supported to pilot international healthcare departments and experiment with innovative operation models by cooperating with private capital through franchising. Second, integration of supportive policies. Support is given to the bases’ international cooperation initiatives, by various means such as the guiding fund for innovation-driven development of trade in services. Third, improvements for facilitation. The bases are supported to establish promotional portals for overseas patients, optimize entry and exit procedures for overseas patients and their company, and enhance standards and guidelines for international shipping of TCM. Fourth, efforts to foster a favorable international environment. Bilateral and multilateral international cooperation, as well as free trade agreements and other mechanisms will help expand the space for international cooperation. The bases are encouraged to engage in outbound investment and technological cooperation to pursue innovation-driven development in such areas as international healthcare insurance and integrated development of business models. Fifth, talent cultivation and incentives. The bases are encouraged to train professional talents that understand both TCM and foreign languages and optimize talent-related incentives. Thank you.